10 Famous Celebrities Who Were Fired From Movie Franchises

You never know what kind of surprises life may throw towards you. Life of movie actors/actress is full of
surprises some are good while some are bad.

Many of the actors and actress of movies are forced to leave and are replaced with another. Most common reasons may be differences with seniors, asking high fee charges, etc. Here in this article we will talk about 10 famous actors / actress who were fired from movie franchises.

1. Megan Fox (Transformers)

The hot sizzling American actress Megan Fox was forced to leave the Transformer movie due to differences with director Micheal Bay. Megan Fox used to compare Micheal Bay with Hitler, the actress was fired from the third installment of the movie Transformer.

2. Pierce Brosnan (James Bond)

James Bond series movie have been the most popular and favorites of many. But many might not know that Pierce Brosnan the lead actor was forced to leave the movie over a phone call when he was shooting for another movie. It was not a steady and smooth relationship between the actor and franchise which made number of replacements for the leading role.