3 Less known WWE Superstars who won many and 3 famous superstars who won less Titles.

Many legends in WWE Universe have won some titles throughout their career. WWE does not lack any talent. There are some superstars who have the talent to be on top. From which some are promoted while some are left on the ground. In the end, everybody cannot be the face of the company.

There are many WWE superstars who were not that famous, but they still managed to win a huge number of titles that proves that they have the potential but are not appreciated. In this post, we will give you the list of those superstars who won many titles as well as those who were not able to win many.

Here are some of those who have won many titles throughout their journey in WWE universe.
1. The Miz

Miz debuted in WWE 11 years back, and he has won 15 titles in his career till date. He is still trying to give his best to the company. He is performing day in and day out. But it looks like he has not been recognized very much by the fans. But from last few years, he has been outstanding on the mic as well as in the ring.

From the beginning of his career, WWE has been backing him and providing him those opportunities which have capitalized and converted them into title-wins. Overall, he is one of the most underrated talents in WWE with many titles wins with his name.